Jun 17

PennAI at the Penn Institute for Biomedical Informatics

Information about PennAI for the University of Pennsylvania community has been posted on the Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBI) website. PennAI will be freely available to everyone at Penn. Assistance will be provided by the IBI core facilities including the Bioinformatics Core and the Clinical Research Informatics Core. Visualization technology will be provided by the IBI Idea Factory.

Jun 17

We are pleased to launch this website dedicated to news and updates about PennAI - an accessible artificial intelligence system developed by at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine by faculty, staff, and students from the Penn Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBI).

Our goal is to bring AI to the Penn community and beyond for easy and intuitive computational analysis of data for classification and regression using machine learning. Central to PennAI is a database for storing machine learning results and an adaptive AI algorithm that learns from prior results to suggest or automatically launch new analyses on your data. PennAI is open-source, user-friendly, and free to use.

A preprint describing the initial PennAI system is available on arXiv. This paper will be published later in 2017 as part of the proceedings of the Genetic Programming Theory and Practice (GPTP) workshop. The source code will be posted on GitHub before the end of 2017.

Here is some press from the release of the preprint.

PennAI components